Monday, May 10, 2010

ive neglected this for awhile. school and sleep have taken priority.

the latest news?

-received an internship with the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the AA SF Giants Baseball team
-finished my last spring semester ever
-was offered a volunteer photography gig with VCU School of MassCommunications
-bought a ticket to San Diego
-oh yeah, I TURNED 21! & to celebrate some awesome people came and hung out with my at a flying squirrels game. was definitely perfect and epic in every way.

-looking like i already have a beer gut? i swear its just the shirt. woops!

awesome people in my life.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

united blood 2010

this year marked the 4th United Blood, a 2 day hardcore fest held at alleykatz in downtown Richmond.

below are my top set picks in no set order:

title fight covering avail...too genius:

Title Fight from KO Films on Vimeo.

Backtrack from KO Films on Vimeo.

Cold World from KO Films on Vimeo.

Blacklisted from KO Films on Vimeo.

im sad another weekend has come and gone but i cant wait until next years. love live hardcore.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

fast times at the jersey shore

if all goes according to plan i will be attending the floorpunch/down to nothing/get real/bracewar show set in jersey this coming weekend. ill hopefully be joined by j.hart, marge, and kelsey which will make for a tight roadtrip before school begins next week. i pray we run into the mtv cast of jersey shore and we can fist pump the night away. heres to fulfilling my resolution to traveling more.

also bought the above print for the show, it was too rad to pass up.

Monday, January 4, 2010

new years resolutions

i make these all the time and never seem to keep them, but i guess it's a fun ritual?

+ daily devotions
+ travel more: plans have been made for san diego and/or las vegas
+ more tattoos: hopefully with my tax return i can afford such a thing
+ eating right: this is a popular resolution sure but i back it
+ decrease the size of my surfboard and earn a spot in CSB: this will never happen seeing as im a girl, but i still like to dream
+ graduate college: december 2010 waddup
+ be better at communicating with people: i.e answer my phone/return phone calls/listen to voice mails in a timely manner

i believe most of these are doable. the thing is my savings are decreasing at a fast pace and read at the small amount of $2k. and with 18 credits and an internship this coming semester, earning more money will not be easy. hopefully ill be able to figure out something.

good luck with your resolutions and if you need one go here

Friday, December 25, 2009

happy christmas

ps: 2008 fall semester whats up? a 4.0 thats whats up.


now belongs to me. thank you sarah keane.

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